Seventh and last destination on this voyage with Global Compositions was a reunion with Havana, where I lived for 5 months eleven years ago – back in 2000. Back then; the purpose of my journey was to study Cuban music. Now, the idea was to compose new music based in the encounter with Cuban musicians. Whether it was Havana or I, who had changed the most, I don’t know, but either way it was a very different experience this time.
Havana still has an intense and omni-present musical scene.

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Buenos Aires

Buenos Airos happened to become a bit compressed. Due to a frozen credit card in Rio de Janeiro, I was almost a week delayed, leaving me with only 2 weeks in Buenos Aires to edit video from Rio, compose new music, find musicians and record the music, filming, etc. Thus, it turned out to be two intense weeks.
I settled in the quarter of San Telmo, which is a very evocative place with heaps of very cosy cafés. At the theatre “La Scala del San Telmo” I had – during a previous visit to Buonos Aires – noticed a pretty good grand piano. Continue reading

Rio De Janeiro

My connection to the musical environment In Rio was the pandiero-player Bernardo Aguiar. Through him, I got in contact with a number of other cool musicians. I wrote a track one night after returning from a concert with Bernardos band. This track eventually became the focal point of much of what was going to happen in Rio. I decided to turn it into a vocal track in Portuguese. Naturally, I needed someone else to take care of the Portuguese text, and I got in contact with the songwriter Renato Frazao. He added words to the tune – and it was titled “Amplidao”. Continue reading


After 3 weeks of Indian metropolis and up to 40°C it was perfect to land on the Faroe Islands and inhale the fresh air, feeling the rain and wind in the face and being surrounded by calmness and spectacular nature.
One of the only engagements fixed prior to my departure on the journey, was a weekend workshop at Torshavn School of Music’s Musical Basic Course (MGK in Danish) late September. This I have done a few times before, and these trips has been a contributing factor to the Faroe Islands being chosen as one of the 7 destinations. Continue reading


In Chennai I became acquainted with Southindian Carnatic Music, Anjana’s commune and a boiling hot Indian metropolis.
I logded in a room in a house managed by Anjana. Anjana works with music and theatre and thus, her place would be a good start in Chennai as a connection the musical environment in the city. I got in contact with her through an Indian guy, who I met in Kathmandu. Continue reading

Body percussion with munks

Namobuddah is a monastery a 2-3 hours drive from Kathmandu.
It is situated in the mountaions with a view of a beautiful valley. Around 200 monks live in that place. A small, isolated society which in many ways resembles a folk school or independent boarding school in the countryside. A small, plain café/kiosk next to the monastery, where I used to go, when I needed a break from my work on mixing sound recordings from Kathmandu. Usually I ordered a masala milk tea.
When the monks learned that I was creating music, they became very interested, and therefore I showed them a few videos. They found body percussion the funniest thing, and they wanted to learn how to do it.
So I showed them a few simple things.