Thoughts about the equipment

The big challenge is having to make sound and video recordings in best possible quality and at the same time carrying less than 20 kilos of gear securely fit in one suitcase plus hand luggage.
DPA 4011 is my overall favorite microphone.
I’ve had a lot of good experiences using it for everything from pianos, vocals and double bass, through various acoustic instruments to overhead and room.
Often a pair of 4011 placed in the right spots in the room sounds better than to close-mic all the instruments. Continue reading

Audio and video equipment

Gear setup on the journey:
Microphones: 3x dpa 4011 mmp-c + 2xsure 57 + 2x oktava + Sony linear pmc recorder D50
Soundcard: RME Babyface + Fireface 800
MacBook Pro including the following software: Logic, Ableton Live, Final Cut Pro X
Camera: Sony hvr-a1e camera with light, extra lens and tripods Canon S95 and small tripod
Keys: Akai LPK 25 + Korg Nanocontrol 2 + Launchpad
Small clips microphones holders
Data storage: Lacie hard disc + Dropbox
Ipad 2