Body percussion with munks

Namobuddah is a monastery a 2-3 hours drive from Kathmandu.
It is situated in the mountaions with a view of a beautiful valley. Around 200 monks live in that place. A small, isolated society which in many ways resembles a folk school or independent boarding school in the countryside. A small, plain café/kiosk next to the monastery, where I used to go, when I needed a break from my work on mixing sound recordings from Kathmandu. Usually I ordered a masala milk tea.
When the monks learned that I was creating music, they became very interested, and therefore I showed them a few videos. They found body percussion the funniest thing, and they wanted to learn how to do it.
So I showed them a few simple things.

First week in Kathmandu

Tings Tea Lounge Hotel has been a perfect start on my stay in Nepal. A cosy little oasis with a friendly atmosphere, Internet connection and an owner with good connections in the musical setting. Thomas has taken me on a morning hike and monastery visit in Kathmandu, and he also arranged for me a contact with – among others – Mariano, who is in charge of Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory.
I spent the first few days getting to know the city, seeking out musical settings and looking for a good angel for creating a musical project here. Continue reading


Nepal was a meeting with noisy and hectic Kathmandu contrary to the fragile, little timbres from the Singing Bowls. It was a meeting with Buddhist quarter of Boudhanath, monastaries, monks and monsoon all over the place.
After spending the first days in Kathmandu roaming the streets and looking for some Nepalese music and local musicians to collaborate with, I met Ram, who’s the owner of a shop selling Singing Bowls in Boudhanath and also working as a meditation musician. Continue reading