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First destination on the journey with Global Compositions became a meeting with Johannesburg, Soweto, reverberations of the Apartheid and the South African winter. In South Africa it is hot in the sun and cold in the shadows.
Most of all the trip became a meeting with Thulani and his Gumboot group, with whom I got connected through my old friend Tlale Makhene. I know Tlale from his visit in Denmark in 2003, where I played on his debut record “The ascension of the englightened”. Continue reading

Second meeting with Thulani and Gumboot

During my second meeting with Thulani and his Gumboot group, a design for our mutual composition slowly began to take shape. It will probably become a mix of new grooves and breaks done by myself, a few Body Rhythm Factory samples and some variations over grooves from the repetoire of Thulani and the Gumboot group.
If everything goes according to the plan, we’ll meet 2-3 times a week and shoot the composition on Friday og Monday. Though, we still miss a location, a complete arrangement and – last but not least – to be capable of performing with some kind of energy.

Here you’ll see efforts on a new sequence, which I am currently developing.


First meeting with Thulani and Gumboot

My first meeting with Thulani and his Gumboot group evolved into a spontaneous workshop for several hours, where we took turns at learning each other’s grooves and moves, checked out each other’s videos and had a talk about the possibility of joining up several times, writing a composition and filming it within a fortnight.
Follow this site to see whether we succeed…