First week in Kathmandu

Tings Tea Lounge Hotel has been a perfect start on my stay in Nepal. A cosy little oasis with a friendly atmosphere, Internet connection and an owner with good connections in the musical setting. Thomas has taken me on a morning hike and monastery visit in Kathmandu, and he also arranged for me a contact with – among others – Mariano, who is in charge of Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory.
I spent the first few days getting to know the city, seeking out musical settings and looking for a good angel for creating a musical project here.
Now, with two weeks left, I’ve finally found a guy, with whom I think it would be exiting to record. His name is Ram, he plays singing bowls, and he has a huge collection of 150-200 years old bowls that sound amazing.
I showed him a music video to introduce to him some of my music.: “Take it to the brigde” by Body Rhythm Factory. He loved it and had to watch it several times. He lives around here in Boudhanath, where I also recently moved to.
We have tried to record his bowls in his practise room, but the sounds from the bowls are as sensitive as the city is noisy. There were cars, barking dogs and munks’ horns all over the place. Thus, I am now in pursuit of a soundproof studio that we can borrow. The best bet seems to be the studio at Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory. Here I will probably also be conducting a course of continuing education one of my last days in Nepal.
The monsoon is leaving quite an imprint on life around here. It’s raining heavily at least 2-3 hours every afternoon and most of the night. On the other hand, the air is cleared this way, making the smog bearably.

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