See the final music video on this link

First destination on the journey with Global Compositions became a meeting with Johannesburg, Soweto, reverberations of the Apartheid and the South African winter. In South Africa it is hot in the sun and cold in the shadows.
Most of all the trip became a meeting with Thulani and his Gumboot group, with whom I got connected through my old friend Tlale Makhene. I know Tlale from his visit in Denmark in 2003, where I played on his debut record “The ascension of the englightened”.
To introduce my idea and persuade Thulani and the boys to participate in the project, I initially created a workshop for them. It evolved very positively, and very soon we had a great teamwork up and running, where we took turns offering different grooves, breaks and choreographies. Throughout the next 2 weeks, we met 4-5 times and created a composition consisting of Thulani’s and my new and old ideas and also som variations on a few grooves by the Body Rhythm Factory/Peter Stavrum.
Together with Sine Kristiansen, we planned and recorded material for a video-interpretation of the composition, which I intend to edit, once I am back in Denmark.
Johannesburg was an intense and successful course of events, which leaves me high on the fact that it, within a few weeks, was possible to write and practice music and choreography and also shoot a video – all in collaboration with 5 great performers, of whom I just a short while ago didn’t know existed.
It has been a fantastic start to my journey, and I have a good feeling about ending up with an awesome music video as well.

See the final music video on this link

Next stop Kathmandu.

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