Nepal was a meeting with noisy and hectic Kathmandu contrary to the fragile, little timbres from the Singing Bowls. It was a meeting with Buddhist quarter of Boudhanath, monastaries, monks and monsoon all over the place.
After spending the first days in Kathmandu roaming the streets and looking for some Nepalese music and local musicians to collaborate with, I met Ram, who’s the owner of a shop selling Singing Bowls in Boudhanath and also working as a meditation musician. We decided to make to projects together: One evolving around an album with one hour of relaxation music on Singing Bowls – and another one where I am to cut and paste the recordings to create musical collages. We had quite some problems recording and had to cancel 5 times before succeeding. The obstacles were many: noise from the city, monsoon, taxi strike, electricity shortage and a party next door.
Concurrently I visited the sitar-player Dhrubesh Regmi from the popular Nepalese group Sukarma. He contacted the tabla-player Ananta Prajapati, and together we recorded some improvisations and a few simple themes.
I concluded the 3 weeks in Nepal with a few days at Namobuddha, where I was put up in a guesthouse at the monastery. In peace and quiet and a view to a beautiful valley with the Himalayas in the background, I could listen to the recordings and begin the editing process.
Next stop Chennai

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