Rio De Janeiro

My connection to the musical environment In Rio was the pandiero-player Bernardo Aguiar. Through him, I got in contact with a number of other cool musicians. I wrote a track one night after returning from a concert with Bernardos band. This track eventually became the focal point of much of what was going to happen in Rio. I decided to turn it into a vocal track in Portuguese. Naturally, I needed someone else to take care of the Portuguese text, and I got in contact with the songwriter Renato Frazao. He added words to the tune – and it was titled “Amplidao”. Bernado and I started out recording the percussion root tracks. The guitar track was recorded in Renato Frazao’s kitchen, and André Siqueira stopped by my place, seized the bathroom and recorded cavaquinho out there. Luiza Borges recorded the vocal track in her own apartment. Finally, I met with Bernardo again for nice, long day, where we created a massive sound barrier of percussions for the outro.
One day I was invited by Gabriel Policarpo, a percussion-playing friend of Bernardo’s, to watch a music lesson with his samba group. Later that night we went to a jam. Here we got the chance to share ideas, which eventually resulted in the defining of a mutual project. In brief, the project consists of a video composition, where we combine Gabriel’s samba school with with Boom project (400 children playing on mason tubs), among other things. We might also use smaller musical constellations from both countries. These different groups of people from both Brazil and Denmark will record the composition – which we subsequently will cut and mix between, filmic and musically.
One of the last days of my stay in Rio, I went with Gabriel to his father’s metal workshop. It turned out that the machines contained some pretty cool sounds, which we started to combine to grooves and rhythmical figures. At the same time I tried to shoot some sequences to gain material for editing a video to the music once back in Denmark.
Rio is definitely a city, where I’ll be back again soon. It was also as if it was trying to keep me there. My credit card got frozen, thus postponing my departure towards Buenos Aires 4-5 days.

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