Thoughts about the equipment

The big challenge is having to make sound and video recordings in best possible quality and at the same time carrying less than 20 kilos of gear securely fit in one suitcase plus hand luggage.
DPA 4011 is my overall favorite microphone.
I’ve had a lot of good experiences using it for everything from pianos, vocals and double bass, through various acoustic instruments to overhead and room.
Often a pair of 4011 placed in the right spots in the room sounds better than to close-mic all the instruments.
I assume that the 4011 will become my primary source on all recordings when possible. The new 4011 mm-c is much smaller than the original edition and suits me perfectly for my mobile travel setup.
I also bring a pair of Sure 57 microphones for close-mic recordings of e.g. percussion and congas. Furthermore I have a pair of pretty good Octaves to be certain to have enough microphones or unexpected sessions.
Last but not least I have a Sony Linear pmc Recorder to be used for quick and spontaneous recordings. The size of it makes it perfect for carrying it around in your pocket when on the move. It makes surprisingly good sound.
I don’t have room for carrying regular microphone tripods, and therefor I carry a few smaller models to fasten on to tables, chairs or whatever is at hand.
RME Babyface is a handy and good soundcard. In this connection it has the huge advantage that it is able to be powered through the computer and thereby making recordings even though I can’t find a power source on the recording location. It doesn’t weigh a lot and fits in a large pocket.
The downside is that it only has two entrances with phantom power. That’s why I am also carrying a RME Fireface 800 in my suitcase for recording sessions demanding multiple channels and with time and possibilities for a larger setup.
MacBook Pro is the obvious choice when coming to laptop capable of easily managing larger recording sessions and film editing. Also, my primary software (Logic and Final Cut Pro X) is Apple products and thus working great with the MacBook. I have the model with solid state drive to make it run more stabile and handle vibrations without crashing.
I bring a Sony HVR A1E camera. It was released as Sonys smallest professional camera. Recently it has received hard competition from the new Canon cameras, and therefore its value on the used gear marked has dropped.
I bought mine through for 10.000 DKR. I think it is a great camera to work with. I’ve also brought a Canon s95 Mini camera to carry in the pocket for spontaneous recordings where it is not possible, safe or suitable to use the big one. For the time being I am very pleased with it.
Akai LPK 25 is the smallest keyboard I could find that on the same time is useable. Otherwise I am just excited as to how many useable pianos I’ll stumble upon on my journey.

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